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Lexxi's Guide To
Finding a Fuck Buddy

If you're just looking for no strings attached sex and like me you just haven't the time to settle down to a committed relationship. Here's my completely free fuck buddy guide which is drawn from my very own experiences to help you avoid the mistakes so many people make and let you know the secrets to make sure you find the fuck buddy of your dreams

Lexxi's Guide To Adult
Dating Sites

Adult dating sites are everywhere doing their best to sign you up. I know from experience some are good, some are awful and there's a few in-between. So I definitely thought this would be an important area to write guides and reviews so you can choose the most suitable adult dating site for you and so not waste your money.

Lexxi's Guide to Cyber Sex

If you live for the thrill of online exhibitionism or simply love talking dirty then my guide to all things Cybersex is just for you. With news and reviews on sites and general advice this guide is essential reading for all you Cybering fans.

Lexxi's Guide to Fetishes

Fetish, the worship of inanimate objects, has always been a fascination for me. Nowadays it includes body parts the most popular of course is the feet and there's many sites and clubs dedicated to it I thought it worth a special section. Though I'm not a real expert in this area I do have a friend Davina, who helps me out and has written some guides and site reviews for those people looking to dip their toe into this fascinating lifestyle.

Ask Lexxi

If you need advice about sex or relationships, all you need to do is Ask Lexxi. My friends and I are all here to answer your questions no matter how personal or trivial they may seem.

Lexxi's SEX TOY OF THE Week

Jenna Haze Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Girl you've all been waiting for the insatiable, inimitable Jenna Haze! Moulded directly from her smooth and sensual pussy, this Fleshlight has the unbelievably realistic Lotus texture for a lifelike feel every time.



Lexxi's Sexy Video of the Day

Now I wonder if any of you guys would like this girl to be your gaming partner? Mind you I bet your game would go downhill as quick as your cock would be rising up!!

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Lexxi's Dirty Jokes

It's always good to have some time to chill so I've collected together what I think are the best jokes and sexy videos around. I hope you agree so open up a beer, put up your feet and have some me time.

Lexxi's Fuck Buddy World

I created fuck buddy world as a help not only to all you guys out there but also for all my girl friends who complain that guys are scared to talk to them because they're too good looking. Here are are all you need to get what you want out of life whether it be a fuck buddy, friend with benefits, web cam sex or a real to life girl friend. Me and friends have all got together to help you find what you need and have fun finding it.

Lexxi's Sexy Exploits Blog

This is my personal blog where you will be able to read not just about my adventures but also thoughts on the happenings in my life. From the exciting to the downright dirty my writings will be no holds bar so enjoy the ride and please feel free to comment as I look look forward to reading and responding to them.

Lexxi's Guide to Sex Toys

If you're looking to treat yourself to a sex toy have a look through this section first for I have written some sex toy guides and sex toy reviews with loads of information to help you make the right choice and find the perfect sex toy for you.

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Lexxi's Sex Stories

Erotic stories have always got my juices flowing and as I love writing I thought I'd write a few myself for you. Some are fantasies and some are experiences. you decide which are which?