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Review of ImLive Mobile

Do you remember a few years ago when it looked like the boring mobile phone was on the ropes. The PC did everything for you. In relation to sex, it gave the instant access to non stop porn sites, that would keep the sexual stimulation going for hours and hours.

Now the phones seem to do everything that those computers did ten years ago. Now it is easy to have sex videos, pictures and live sex links on your mobile phone. Who would of thought that would have happened so quickly. No need to lug the laptop to the bathroom to jerk off now, it can be done with a little help from your friendly phone.

Live Phone Sex Of Course

Of course it can be a little difficult to navigate to the right place when getting excited. That is why  so may people now recommend the Imlive, which is everything sexy you need all via your phone. Of course everything is available on the PC too, so if you are absolutely sure you will not get disturbed then put on the PC and jerk off in comfort.

If you are feeling very horny, you can link up to TWO hosts on webcam at the SAME time. Watch them both, that would guarantee a faster orgasm. Again you can have your cam on or not. You have the control of the system.

ImLive has so many applications, that it will take too long to write here. Go check out the excellent site, and then decide if it is for you. Nothing could be easier.

There is a free sign up which gives you access to live chat, live text, promo videos and selected photos. That should be enough to get you started, and you DO NOT NEED to be in a two way video link, you can choose just to watch. The system and the hosts are really live 24/7. They are real. Of course dependant on your host, there are rates to pay for using such a great service, but you are the boss, and you get their attention, and a show to keep you erect for hours afterwards.

What Sex Do You Want?

The other thing to realise here is that when you connect with the host, you are connecting just using a nickname, they have no idea who you really are, and neither do they care. These hosts are people making money from giving you a great time on the phone. They are easy to locate in the ImLive browser. You can select lesbian, shy girls, girls into group sex, she males or gay guys. Get your rocks off with the ones that best suit your fantasies.

Every host will charge their own price, based on what they can do and what you may require. You buy credits through the secure system, and use those credits as YOU need. Maybe it depends on how quick you can orgasm, to how much of the credit you get through.

You can always enjoy nearly 45,000 recorded videos of previous link ups, this would be a great way to watch and learn before entering a live connection with a host.  The site is very easy to use, and if you have any problems there is a live customer service button too.


Cyber sex has got to be the safest form of mutual enjoyment there is. No mess, well for the ladies lol, and some good erotic enjoyment for all. I've seen guys and girls and even couples enjoying web cam sex. I think it's the thrill of exhibitionism that adds to the excitement making it one of the most popular forms of sexual behaviour going and to cater for it hundreds of web cam sites are out there. To help you find what you're looking for we're reviewing all the sites we find to give you a heads up to what we think are the best to satisfy your needs.

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