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Whether you like exotic flair or prefer to have relations with someone more familiar, you’ll benefit from exploring free options when it comes to casual sex.

Wait a minute, did I say FREE?

Of course I did. Remember that the best things in life are free, and that includes casual sex. You can look through or make free personal ads about commitment-free sex and, well, get on with it!

When we face the world and interact with people, we are constantly selling ourselves. We do this through conversations, attitudes, and through every aspect of our personalities. Continuously and without fail, we market the idea of who we are. This is no different from drawing up a personal ad. With it, we can meet hundreds of potential friends, lovers, or even the elusive significant other.

There are sites that use this method in creating a community and they make sure that you, their customer, find what you need. Sites like Craigslist and Gumtree also have the extra brownie points of free classifieds where finding a fuck buddy is just as easy.

In creating your personal ad, it’s important to be honest. Building a faulty perception of yourself can only lead to disappointment and it is always, always good to start on the right foot. Some sites may ask for hard data such as height, weight, eye color, religion, etc. They also leave space for hobbies and interests. Be creative. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd but at the same time, be as honest as you can be. Phrases such as “I like taking long walks in the beach” can be somewhat cliché, but you can reword that to sound interesting and most of all, personal.

Be humorous. Sarcasm and cynicism won’t get you anywhere. Negativity on your personal ad can only attract the same so get up and be positive! Selling a product that you don’t believe in, won’t find you enthusiastic customers.

Too much sexual innuendo can turn off most crowds but always be honest with whom you prefer when you’re in bed, especially if you’re advertising on a sex personals site. It is just as important to spell out your own physique and what you expect in a lover. Sex isn’t just about an animalistic urge; it’s also chemistry. You definitely do not want to go cold turkey the moment you get together with someone who may indeed have a great body, but with whom you share nothing in common with. This goes for the other person as well. Talk about your age and try not to show off.

Sex personals sites are usually crawling with fake profiles so you must be careful. Ads with pictures are more reliable than those without. People like to see who they’re talking to and what they’re getting into, so post one for your self. In these instances, anything that is uncannily ideal is suspicious. Nobody is perfect and neither are you. It has always paid to be true to yourself than become (and advertise) what others expect you to be. Classifieds that you may want to avoid include wording such as, “I’d love to satisfy you, insatiable, animal” and others.

Expect to receive rude and inappropriate comments. With the virtual world, there is always the log-off button and that “x” at the upper right hand side of the window. You have complete control, so ignore what you will and respond to those that you deem worthy. When responding to personal ads, be up front about why you picked him or her, be cordial and set a specific date and place for meeting. Or you can ask when you can meet but be sure that where you meet is a public place. If meeting isn’t your thing, keep your lines of communication open; the thing about online dating or finding a fuck buddy on the internet, is that you can choose to meet the person in the real world when you’re comfortable doing so.

Now remember, it’s never wise to give away your full name, your specific location and even your personal e-mail address in whatever situation, unless you feel absolutely certain that your safety will not be compromised by the person you are interacting with. This may entail more than a few meetings and an exchange of telephone numbers. Don’t give anybody a reason to abuse your personal space so be firm, be honest, and stay true.


Now that you know the rules, go ahead and start finding you free casual sex buddy.

Of course, before you jump right ahead, you might want to wait for the next report – a complete summary of all the bonus reports, including some supplemental material.

Or, if you can’t wait, enjoy your new opportunity to find casual mates online! Congratulations that you’ve made it this far!

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